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SCUBA Diving Courses for Beginners

Stop the stress, relax, dive!

Discover how easy it is to venture into the underwater world and enjoy a liberating and unspoiled environment. !!
The Scuba Diver course, of which the Scuba Experience program is the first part, is the fastest way to become a diver.
Also the course Open Water Diver is a great beginning, but it is more difficult because it will transform you into autonomous diver. If you have already made the course Scuba Diver… already these to point!

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Advance Open Water Diver Course

(Available for OWDiver) !!

This course represents the second level of SCUBA diving training, in which you will learn how to manage some different specialties, as the deep exploration or the deep immersions, with and without compass.
You will also learn how to look for and to recover objects, to dive in currents, in jetsams, with limited visibility, or at night. The certification that you will get allows you to make immersions, together with a diving partner, of up to 30 meters deep (100 feet).


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Advance Open Water Diver Course PLUS

Available for OWDiver !!

Share your experiences in a cuban house family in Matanzas City
!! during You get your Advance Diver PSS Certification.!!
Includes: Accommodation 3 nights at Casa Cozy Corner, Transfers, Breakfast, Meals, Course materials, SCUBA full Gear.


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Specialities Courses

Available for Advanced Divers !!

The Specialty Diver courses represent an important step in transforming a diver who is interested in a specific diving activity into a real enthusiast in that particular field.
The courses are a natural continuation of the Advanced Open Water Diver course during which the student tried out the basic techniques of a particular specialized activity and offer the student who wishes to gain further experience an opportunity to so.

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Rescue Diver Course

Available for Advanced Divers !!

This course of rescue and assistance is aimed at advanced divers who wish to increase their own and their buddy’s safety in the water during diving activities.
The Scuba Rescue Diver certification is an essential step towards becoming an expert diver and a prerequisite for all PSS Professional courses. For this reason it has been standardized as a course level by the PSS organization.


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